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    Peterman Design Firm, LLC

    Peterman Design Firm, LLC

    97% of products fail, that’s why we work cohesively with your team using the Peterman Method™ so you can successfully launch and strategically scale to ensure your product is in the 3% that succeed. Our approach creates solutions that work on every level. You have great ideas and we have the team to make them a success. The Peterman Design Firm is a concept to cash flow product development and branding agency. We develop products from the simple to the complex to solve real life problems for people and our planet to support our client’s success. We build flexible teams around each project to ensure the best team and resources are available to make the best outcome possible. We’ve helped entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, and enterprise organizations both in and out of the US successfully launch products, services, and brands. We work across many industries, including areas such as medical, robotics, music, and consumer products. Our mission is to improve the human condition and our planet through better design and processes.

    Peterman Design Firm, LLC
    7720 Northeast Highway 99 D #223, Vancouver,
    WA 98665, Estados Unidos

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